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Feel Better Soon - WIP by AberDaKitty Feel Better Soon - WIP by AberDaKitty
So, I was recently on a trip for a few days. Just a get out of town and away form work trip. Visited my friend Spaz.
Or should I say "visited", as I spent much of it rather out of it. I was dead tired and all I wanted to do was rest and enjoy the pool in the hotel. Shopping and everything else be damned.
First day I was unable to sleep after work so by the time we arrived I was on almost two days of no sleep and promptly passed out at about three in the afternoon and proceeded to sleep a good twelve hours. Did I mention I was tired and needed this trip for rest?
Needless to say my mother was not amused that I was "unwilling" to go to dinner with them all. (i made the trip with her and my brother, we all get along well) Well! I'm sorry that I couldn't see or walk straight and my body refused to stay awake? No, I really wasn't. That was good sleep. I AM sorry that I passed out as soon as Spaz had joined us at the hotel.
Next day, Moms already trying to drag us out of bed at 4am. NOTHING OPEN WOMAN! Not even hotel breakfast is until 6:30am, the fitness room was 6am.
So we have breakfast and I am dragged off to the mall about an hours drive away. Where we spend most of the day. When we get back I am so tired again. But, can't sleep yet! Got dinner reservations at a restaurant Spaz has been wanting to try for a long while now. It was a surprise for her on this trip. Can't miss that. I also want to try to lobster mac'n cheese, and the lobster poutine they offer. The lobster soup they had was good to. I make it through dinner! Back to the hotel, where I near instantly pass out for another approximately twelve hours. Mom again is not amused as it is still early in the evening (its before five), and she wanted us all to go down to the pool ect. Go to the pool! There's still three of you.
Next morning, 4am and we're being prodded to wake again. Have I mentioned that three out of four of us LIKE sleeping in?
We all go for breakfast, and after breakfast we go to farmers market. Oh cherries, glorious fresh cherries! Headed back to the hotel I'm not feeling great still, the smoke from the forest fires around is not helping my exhaustion nor my breathing. (I bought allergy medication at the mall so I could breath. Ive never needed that before! It's so bad this year ;-; ) My mother is not really happy with me as I refuse to wander downtown to go shopping. I am still dead tired at this point, and it's hot out. I don't handle heat well. There are also next to no shops that I want to go to, and I am broke. It does not ruin the trip if not EVERYTHING is done with all four of us. She wants to check out all the shops, get her hair done, ect ect.
In the end, I am able to stay at the hotel for a couple hours while they go. I sat and did nothing for most of it, it was wonderful! I also, finally got to go down and enjoy the pool for a little bit. When everyone got back, we headed back out to enjoy the all you can eat sushi place nearby then headed back to the hotel and I once again, passed out.
Day four, our final day in the hotel, we almost get to sleep in! We are all still down from breakfast by 7am though. Showers, double checking everything is packed and nothing left behind and pack up the car. This is day four of my days off and I am still dead tired.
After packing up the car we headed off to see a couple more places, and I'm sure we would have done more, maybe? I was still out of it and sort of following along, but we can'[t spend to long as we bought cheese and things at farmer market which are sitting in our freezer bags with ice packs. So after a few hours we take Spaz home, and grab some lunch, and head off for the couple hours drive home. The rain was nice, I semi passed out in the back seat. As much as I could, as I don't really have the ability to sleep while traveling. I dunno what it is.
Once I got home, I headed out to my boyfriends place, played some video games, and I passed out again, got some restful sleep, and was able to lounge around his place until I had to work. Finally! Rest!

Aside from all that, it was a great trip and I enjoyed seeing Spaz! Sorry for sleeping on you for most of it girl. XD
Anyways, now that my rambling babbling is done, on one of the days of the trip I awoke to a new wallpaper on my phone.
Spaz drew me a doodle during one of my twelve hour naps :) Thankies!

The lines are :iconspaznaztik:'s
The characters are Remedychaser, and myself.
And I feel it deserves color. Good practice for me to.
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spaznaztik Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015
Yea. I tried to force myself to sleep around midnight, but it was hard until the last night. LOL cuz I'm used to going to bed around like you said, 2am. And it was tempting with Discovery Id (lots of real crime shows I normally don't have access to. via special channel with cable etc)
I knew that you wanted rest, so I didn't mind that you slept most of the time and didn't mind showing your mum around. (I got a new book) lol.  But it was fun, glad you had a good time despite the early morning starts LOL :)

AberDaKitty Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I really did need that sleep lol
Ah, soon enough we will have our proper trip.
spaznaztik Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015
Yay Vancouver. Lol
Sleep is good as well
Mysticom Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Silly Remi, butts aren't for nomming! At least.. not with the blanket still over it. XD

I know how it is to be always tired, I used to have it, parents took me to our campsite and all I did was sleep while they did things. They didn't mind though. But really, 4am?!
AberDaKitty Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Worst part is, 4am is usually almost bedtime for me. I also don't have motivation after waking. I like to vegetate a little first on days off. Relax into a shower and foods. As you likely know, because she was chatting with you, i assume, Spaz wasn't getting to sleep until like 2am most of these nights.
Mysticom Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
All things mom should have been aware of and taken into consideration. =/
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